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Remove items from context menu

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If you have a lot af programs installed, your Windows Explorer context menu might get a little bit crowded. Here are some tips on how to remove them on a per program basis. Basics There are several possible “locations” for context menu entries: Context menu of folders Context menu of all files Context menu of specific filetypes Context menu of the “empty” area of a folder Removing specific programs I prefer removing the context menu items via the program’s settings menu. Read More...

Ultrastar Deluxe on Raspberry Pi

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Ultrastar Deluxe is an open source alternative for the once popular (but now dead) SingStar franchise on the PS 2/3/4. Ultrastar Deluxe runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and lets you add and create your own songs. My goal was to create an easy solution to play Ultrastar Deluxe on my TV. Therefore I choose one of my spare Raspberry Pi’s 3b+. It is possible to play Ultrastar Deluxe, but there are some limitation which are not worth it for me. Read More...

Alternate Data Streams

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The NTFS file system has a little known feature called “Alternate Data Streams”. It can store any kind of data, which will not be visible in Windows Explorer. Access via default PowerShell Commands is possible: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 #List all streams for one file Get-Item 'Filename.ext' -Stream * #Get content of a stream Get-Content 'Filename.ext' -Stream 'StreamName' #Set content of a stream Set-Content 'Filename.ext' -Stream 'MySecretStream' - Value 'MyStreamValue' Use Cases The most commonly known Alternate Data Stream is $DATA, which is simply the default data stream containing the actual file contents. Read More...